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The thrill that comes from buying a new home means that it can be a very rewarding experience – but admittedly it can come with its downfalls. This includes the fact that the process of moving house can be stressful, expensive and laborious if you don’t go through the right channels. This only causes some people to ask the following question: is it really worth moving to a new house if it’s just around the corner from your current one? After all, it can sometimes require a lot of time and effort just to move to a property that’s a stone’s throw away from where you are now. However, it is, of course, more than acceptable to stay local to where you are now. Here are three reasons why it might be in your best interests to do so.




You’ll be pleased to know that it’s typically cheaper to move to a house that’s close to your current one. For instance, you won’t have to hire a moving van for as long a duration. In addition, it won’t cost you as much to spring between the two properties when you’re in the process of sizing up your new home before moving into it.




It’s sadly not as easy as picking your dream home and saying ‘I want that one’. Instead, any responsible buyer should spend time researching the area – including crime rates, school inspection results, etc. – before putting in an offer. Meanwhile, you can probably just bypass all this time-consuming research if you’re remaining in an area you already know very well.




Yes, there are people who view moving home as a fresh start. However, others just want a different roof over their head and are desperate to incur as little disturbance to their lives as possible. This is why moving around the corner can be seen as such as huge plus. It allows you to keep the same commute, for your children to go to the same school, and for your friends and family to remain as close as they are right now.


Don’t doubt yourself!


If you want to stay local and have found a home that’s close to the one you’re already in, you should know that it’s a perfectly acceptable move to make. You can even speed things along by choosing to sell your house fast with the help of National Property Trade. This will ensure the process of moving is one that’s speedy and effortless.


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