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Couples going through a divorce shouldn’t sit around and wait for a buyer to pounce on their property. Instead, they should be looking for a quick sale that is both effortless and fruitful. If you and your ex are currently sitting on a property after your marriage has come to an end, here’s how you can benefit from selling your home as fast as possible.

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Fresh start

It will be difficult for you and your ex to move on when you’re still homeowners. There are expenses that you’ll both have to pay (council tax, maintenance etc.), which can make it difficult to establish a clean split. It can even make it awkward for you to see other people if you’re both still sharing a residence.


The strongest of couples can find themselves locking horns under the pressure of trying to sell a home. This is because the process can be extremely stressful – especially when there’s no movement for months. Essentially, you and your ex could be looking at added friction if you put your home on the market rather than choosing to sell property fast.

Cash flow

A divorce isn’t a time to be cash-strapped. With all your money tied up in the home, it makes it difficult for you to begin the process of buying somewhere new. Meanwhile, if one of you chooses to rent somewhere else then it means you’ll be incurring this expense along with your mortgage.


Divorce is essentially the process of tying up loose ends when a marriage is dissolved. It can be hard to finalise when you’re both still financially linked by a property. The true value of this property might not be determined for months if you put it on the market – therefore extending the divorce proceedings well into the future.

Get a quick sale!

It’s really in both of your interests to sever ties and sell your home as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee this will happen if you simply put it on the market. Luckily you can always get a quick sale by going through National Property Trade, so don’t hesitate to use this service if your marriage has come to an end.

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