Why can house selling be so stressful?

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If you’re considering selling a property, you may already find that your blood pressure is rising and you’re losing sleep. Because moving house is officially one of the most stressful life experiences!

There have been several surveys on this topic – including one by consumer organisation Which. They show that for most people, selling your home can be even more traumatic than getting a divorce or having a baby.

So, why is it that people get so anxious when they sell a house?

Resistance to change

Our home is vitally important to our sense of safety and wellbeing. It’s where we go to get away from the stresses and strains of work, for example. Deciding to sell up and relocate is enough of a wrench, but the chances are that this will be a long drawn out process using traditional house sale procedures.

Then, of course, there is the stream of strangers to cope with in your home – from estate agents and their photographers to viewers (many of whom may show immediate disinterest or even be insulting).

Financial worries

Another reason why moving house can be the source of anxiety is that selling up may be a reluctant decision. It could be that money troubles mean you have to sell the property, or you are having to relocate due to work or family commitments.

The last thing you need is for all that worry to be washing about if the house sale drags on for weeks (if not months).

You are also often relying on a third party to negotiate on your behalf. There are usually huge sums involved which represent your entire savings. Trusting someone else to handle it all, can be a big leap of faith. It’s also a good reason to try to find a buyer yourself, to keep control over the house sale.

Huge stress relief

Clearly one of the best ways to relieve the tension is if you can sell property fast. The only sure way of doing this is to find a reliable and genuinely helpful cash buyer.

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