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We are one of the UKs most experienced house buying service, operating for over 15 years



We have a large and diverse funding pool so can offer more than any other house buyer, faster than any other house buyer.



We make only in-house, and thus quick, decisions because we do not rely on lending or third-party funds to buy your property.



We follow a strict code of conduct both voluntarily and as members of The Property Ombudsman. We will always treat you fairly.



We are one of the largest UK house buying services, buying almost £30 million of residential property every year



We offer up to 85% of house value which includes all legal and sale costs and means less time, hassle and paper-work for you.



We are the only award-winning house buyer, winner at the Property Investor awards in 2017 and 2018.



We pride ourselves on our compassionate team who get glowing praise in our reviews for their understanding and strong communication.

Code of conduct

We are proud that our internal code of conduct was adopted by The Property Ombudsman as a guide for their strict code of conduct for the Property Buying Industry as a whole. The entire code of conduct can be found here.

Case studies

  • Jane and Ben Harrison were excited when they found out they were expecting twins, but they knew it meant they would have to move. Their local area was perfect for a young family, with good schools nearby and excellent transport links, but their flat was small and needed work. They found the perfect house in a beautiful new development not too far, but to afford it they would need to sell their current home and their developer didn’t offer part exchange. As the months ticked by and their property continued to remain on the market, they began to worry — until Jane contacted National Property Trade about our property-buying service. We made the Harrisons a Guaranteed Cash Offer immediately and then matched the sale completion date to the availability of their new home. They moved in three months, before the twins were born, and are delighted to be expecting again. Good job they still have a bedroom to spare!

  • When Anita Shah called us, she had just started her dream job in Sydney. Realising she would be out of the UK for the forseeable future, she wanted to sell her tenanted terraced house in Manchester and buy a place in Australia. She needed to evict her current tenants but was finding the process laborious, especially from abroad. She also was stressed out just thinking about finding a buyer for her home while many time zones away. Anita called National Property Trade to see if we could help her with her property. Since she had a mortgage on her property, Anita was able to take advantage of our higher Assisted Sale offer. We handled all her paperwork and also managed the eviction process with no time and hassle for her. Within 6 weeks, we completed the sale, allowing Anita to get her start on the property ladder in Australia.

  • Retirees Maureen and Norman Taylor came to National Property Trade after Norman had had a bad fall when working on their garden. They realised that the demands of keeping up their home was beyond them now and they needed a more convenient house, made especially for a couple of their age. Their daughter helped them find a retirement village near her that had an apartment available and they decided to make the move as quickly as possible. With Norman still not fully mobile, they didn’t want the stress and hassle of an open market sale. They called National Property Trade and after we arranged valuations of their home, they were assigned Oliver Russell as their Case Manager. He was their sole point of contact throughout the entire process, able to speak to them about any concerns, at any point. NPT was able to buy The Taylors home within 2 weeks, taking care of all their fees and dealing with all their paperwork. Not having to deal with multiple agents, solicitors, and buyers made selling their home a far more pleasant experience than they expected.

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