When we can offer more

When We Can Offer More

Our goal has always been to pay our customers as much as possible. Depending on the value of your property, we offer a percentage of valuation, from 80% to 85% for a guaranteed cash purchase.

In the following cases, we can pay even more than the above percentages: 

  1. If your house qualifies for premarketing  
  2. If your house qualifies for a stamp duty exemption  
  3. If your house is one of our preferred property types

If you meet these conditions, you can receive 85%-90% of house value for a guaranteed cash sale. Most other house buyers, in actuality, pay only 75%, meaning National Property Trade’s best-in-market offers will help you achieve even more of your goals.  How can we do this when other’s can’t? We have better funding and our long experience in the market means we understand property risk better than our competitors.


If you are in a position to stay in your home for 4-12 weeks between exchange and completion, then NPT can pay more for your property as this allows us to start marketing your property earlier than otherwise.

Why will NPT pay more in this instance?

When we buy your property, we will generally remarket it immediately for resale. Our funding is driven by our cost of capital, which means it costs us more for every day we hold your property following completion. If NPT can complete later, it means we hold the property for fewer days and we can pass this saving onto you, the seller.  

How does it work? 

Upon exchange of contracts, NPT solicitors will pay up to 5% deposit to your solicitor. This means completion is secure and your funds are contractually obliged on the agreed completion date. You may plan your onward move at your convenience on a timescale that suits you. For every month between exchange and completion, we can usually pay you 1% more on your property, up to 3%.

Stamp Duty ?Exemptions? 

Stamp Duty in red words

There are? several ?stamp duty exemptions available depending on the circumstances surrounding the onward transaction and the reason for the sale. If your property qualifies for one of these exemptions then NPT will pass that saving onto you, the property seller.?

Probate sale?

probate property

If the property is being sold by an estate or as part of a probate sale.?In this case, the property must have been the deceased’s main or only residence and they must have lived in the property within the last two years up to the point of death. 

Work Relocation?

If the property is being sold to facilitate a work relocation. ?Property must be your main or only residence and you must have lived in the property for the last two years.? No further onward purchase is required for this exemption. 

Broken chain??

If you have been unsuccessful in?making arrangements ?to sell your property to buy another property.? You must confirm via a lawyer that sale arrangements had been made.? The property must be your main or only residence and you should have lived in the property for the last two years.? There must be an onward purchase. 

Purchase of a new build?

If you are selling to purchase a new build property.? Your property must have been your main or only residence and you should have lived in the property for the last two years.? Your onward purchase must be a new build. 

Preferred Property Type

In our experience, particular property types often sell more quickly than others.? If your home fits into a preferential category, we want to pass the savings we achieve onto you.?

The market offers a wide array of property types, but certain characteristics can be considered more desirable and as a result, have a greater demand.? Typically, this will be a? property that ?with ?mainstream market appeal.? 

Example of preferable property types: 

  • A ?house built before 1990?? 
  • Period property? 
  • Valuation range £150,000-£500,000? 
  • Freehold, not leasehold?? 
  • Urban and suburban, not rural?? 
  • 2, 3 or 4 ?bedrooms? 
  • Two storey minimum? 
  • At least one garden? 
  • Attractive/kerb appeal?? 
  • No major works required?? 
  • Vacant or owner-occupied? 

Our customer service team will ask you questions about your property to see if it could qualify for a better offer based on its characteristics. The more information you can supply, the more accurate we can be. 

Think your property qualifies for better pricing? Enter your details on the form on this page and a property sales consultant will contact you to discuss your options.

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