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You could own a stunning home in an up-and-coming neighbourhood and be asking a reasonable price for it – but sadly this is no guarantee that it will sell when it’s put on the market. After all, buyers could easily be put off by your neighbours. This, unfortunately, is a factor that’s largely out of your hands. While you can do everything to make your home gleam and stand out as an amazing property with long-term potential, here’s how your neighbours could inadvertently affect the sale.

Terraced houses


A lack of off-road parking can be a flat-out deal-breaker for most buyers. Meanwhile, others might be willing to turn a blind eye as long as the situation isn’t too dire upon viewing the street. If your neighbours are in or they have guests round when a viewing is taking place, a large expanse of vehicles could give the impression that there’s going to be parking wars between neighbours. This could influence someone’s opinion when deciding whether to put in an offer on your home.


Even the noisiest of buyers still appreciate their peace and quiet. Therefore, they might be deterred if they can hear loud music, talking through the walls or even DIY taking place while viewing your home. It can often raise concerns about whether they’ll ever get a moment of silence if they put in a bid on your home.


It can be worrying for buyers to see that potential neighbours don’t take pride in their own properties. After all, an area’s value typically rises when it’s picturesque and visually pleasing. The sight of nearby overgrown lawns, unclean windows and broken fences could really put an interested party off buying your home for fear that the neighbourhood is on the downturn.

Don’t be worried

Luckily these issues don’t have to be your concern. Instead, you can ignore the impact that your neighbours could have on your property by choosing to sell your home fast with National Property Trade. This will mean that you can cash in on the value of your home without worrying whether the neighbours will affect the price.

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