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double glazing

Investing in double glazing for your home could save you over £100 per year, with the average installation of double glazing lasting approximately 20 years. Single glazed windows experience much higher heat loss, making it incredibly difficult to heat your home and maintain a reasonable temperature.

If you live in a property which isn’t suitable for double glazing, such as a listed building, it is possible to have secondary glazing fitted which entails securing a second layer of glass behind your current windows. This isn’t quite as effective but still retains more heat than single glazed and saves you money on energy bills.

As well as being energy efficient and reducing your heating bills, double glazing can also reduce noise from the outside, increase security and reduce condensation and damp. The most energy efficient type of double glazing is uPVC, which is also cheaper than wooden options. uPVC can now be made in various colours and even wood effect. It is extremely durable, easy to clean and can be recycled also.

Wooden timber frames are certainly more natural looking, particular on older or period properties, and are also much more natural and economical but can prove a lot more expensive than uPVC. You need to shop around and get the right ones to suite your style and budget. If you are more concerned on the appearance then you can consider wood effect uPVC windows which are obviously significantly cheaper, but if you are more concerned with the nature of using timber frames, be prepared to pay a premium.

Many companies who manufacture and fit double glazing will have an energy efficiency rating for their windows. A-rated windows are obviously the preferred choice, but the difference between ratings is only approximately 6.5% on your energy bills so it doesn’t make a huge difference but is still worth considering.

Many double glazing companies will use subcontractors for installation, but it is worth remembering that responsibility lies with the double glazing company if there are any problems with the windows afterwards. Keep an eye on your windows and frames after being fitted. They should be of good quality and last several years, but if you do encounter any problems, the company could be in breach of contract, and your windows may need to be replaced. Also if you have problems with windows that were in a BOGOF offer, you are entitled to get all of your windows repaired or replaced.

Ensure you shop around for quotes when looking to get double glazing installed. More importantly try and find out about family, friends or neighbours nearby that have had double glazing fitted in the past. References are essential and will help to make the right decision. If you are unsure about anything, don’t be afraid to ask, as the company should be able to answer any questions you have. Make sure you have a written warranty and details of what you need to do in the event of any problems.

by Cormac Henderson

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