Tips for fast foreign relocations – and for selling your place

Relocation to a foreign country for work is something that lots of Brits do and there are plenty of reasons to do it, from lifestyle to higher salaries. But when you’ve got a property to sell, it can all seem a little more intense. Here are some tips on managing the tight timeframes involved.

Negotiate with your employer

If your employer is insisting that you have to start your new job as soon as possible, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to stick around in Britain to facilitate viewings, find a buyer, go through the conveyancing paperwork, exchange and complete, and more. It may in some cases be worth having a polite but frank chat with the employer about it ahead of time, and making it clear that you’ve got a home to sell, and they may well be more flexible about your expected start date in the new destination. 

Nominate someone 

In some cases, the most prudent thing to do is to ask someone else to manage your house sale for you while you’re abroad, and perhaps even consider giving them the legal power to make decisions about it on your behalf. However, this would definitely have to be someone you deeply trust – and also someone who is willing to take on the risk and liability of it all going wrong. 

A speedy sale

One attractive option for many people is to sell their property as quickly as they possibly can using a property buying service that allows the sale to go through in as little as a week. That’s music to the ears of many people moving abroad, as it means you can free up that all-important equity in order to have enough to fund your next property purchase or leave tied up in investments until you come back to Britain. This doesn’t always require taking a big chunk out of your asking price, either – so it’s definitely worth considering. 

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