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Homeowners usually have high hopes when they put their house on the market. Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that a property can spend weeks – if not months – waiting to entice a single interested party. While at first you might not be in a massive hurry to receive an offer, you should know that it doesn’t always send a great message when a property remains unsold despite being on the market for a prolonged amount of time. In fact, it sends a rather damaging one. Here are three ways the occurrence can plant doubts in the heads of possible buyers.

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Interest level

There’s always an air of suspicion to houses that haven’t managed to attract a buyer after months of being up for sale. It largely begs the question: what’s up with it? Any interested parties will surely be trying to answer this question – especially when they’re new to the market. Ultimately, the fact that the interest level appears to be low can put people off making an offer incase there’s something they’ve not spotted that others have.


If a bidding war is going to ensue then it will typically happen within the first few days. Once you’ve missed this boat, buyers can sense weakness – and this is when they start putting in lowball offers. It’s only natural that they’ll do this. After all, an unsold home in such a thriving housing market will always send the message that it’s not worthy of the price that’s being asked.


There are those who want to buy a forever home that they’ll live in until the day they die. Then, of course, there are those who plan on climbing the housing ladder – meaning they’ll envision putting it back on the market in just a few years time. These buyers will naturally be wary about purchasing a home that has a history of failing to attract interest when on the market.

Avoid this hassle

Don’t worry, you can always sell your house fast rather than sit through the excruciation of watching it remain unsold for months on end. To ensure that you get a great price and in a speedy fashion, be sure to use National Property Trade.

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