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You quickly enter a minefield when you choose to sell your house through an estate agent. In most cases you’ll often find yourself in a predicament where you the vendor will have to interact with possible buyers. It takes just one slip up on your behalf to knock hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds off the total amount that you can get from an interested party. With this in mind, here are three common mistakes vendors can make when interacting with buyers.

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Playing your hand

You should keep your cards as close to your chest as possible when selling a house. Unfortunately, some buyers are skilled at forcing your hand. An interested party might spot a weakness – such as a pregnant wife – and clock on to the fact that you’re in a hurry to sell the property. This could mean that you’re looking at receiving a low-ball offer that doesn’t reflect the true value of your home.

Falling for acts

You’ll probably be so focused on selling your house that you can’t see through the smoke screen that interested parties put up. For instance, a buyer can purposely feign disinterest – ultimately leading you to have doubts over whether you’ll ever manage to shift it. It’s this doubt that can lead you to try to sweeten the deal when it’s actually unnecessary to do so.

Business becomes personal

Never forget that the sale of your house is a business transaction. Therefore, you should never allow it to become personal. Every time that you’re in the company of a possible buyer, you run the risk of falling hook, line and sinker for a sob story. These tales can really pull on your heartstrings – ultimately causing you to make a deal with your heart rather than your head.

There’s a solution

There’s no need to put yourself in a situation where you’re faced with countless buyers coming into your home and making you offers. Instead, if you’re looking to sell property fast, you can do it quickly and seamlessly through National Property Trade. Don’t worry, there’ll be no need to interact with the eventual person who’ll end up living there.

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