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It’s quite possible that an estate agent will try to tempt you with the lure of an open house when you choose to sell your home. This option typically sees multiple buyers all view the property on the same day before all making sealed bids. It is, of course, attractive to vendors who will no doubt see this as the best opportunity to sell a house fast. In reality, the process is one that’s littered with negatives – many of which could leave a house unsold and depreciating in value. With this in mind, here are three issues with holding an open house when selling your home.




The best case scenario is that countless people turn up to the open house and all enter into a bidding war with each other. Sadly, it’s just as likely that only a few individuals will check out the property – in turn sending the message to any possible buyers that the interest level is low. This could cause people to put in lowball offers that don’t reflect the home’s true value.




Open houses typically take place over just one day. Even when this is a Saturday or Sunday, it’s not always a given that people will be able to attend such a one-off event. Ultimately, this means that some people – including those who might be staunchly interested in the property – miss out on putting in a generous offer because they can’t make the open house.




It’s understandable that people won’t like the idea of strangers walking around their homes. Fortunately, estate agents generally accompany possible buyers around a property viewing. Meanwhile, an open house can see numerous people ascend on a property – often too many for a single person to supervise. It could mean that possessions end up lost and damaged, because an open house hasn’t been properly regulated.


There’s an answer…


It just so happens that you can sell your house in a hurry without taking any of the risks associated with holding an open house. All you have to do is go through National PropertyTrade, a process where you’ll receive a cash offer for your home and experience none of the hassle that comes from putting it on the market.


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