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Many people consider the idea of moving abroad at some point in their lives. Initially the idea of moving away from the UK can be exciting, yet anxious as you could be stepping into an area of complete unfamiliarity. There are certainly many things to consider if you choose to move abroad, from selling your home quickly in the UK to finding somewhere in your chosen country and organising healthcare, banking, schooling and much more. Choosing to move overseas is an extremely big decision however, and it’s important to do your research fully beforehand. You will need to budget carefully in order to ensure your move is as successful as possible.

One of the most important aspects of moving abroad is good financial planning. You need to avoid making a very costly mistake by budgeting properly and getting sound advice. Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead, particularly if you need to sell your home in the UK, as this could prove to be a lengthy process unless you choose to quickly sell your house. You will need to decide whether you are prepared to wait until the sale is completed fully before moving, otherwise you are likely to need someone to help with your financial affairs in the UK. Unless you have a job secured abroad and are tied to a deadline, it may be better to wait until completion.

There are now more than 5 million British born expats who have sold up in the UK and are now living abroad. People choose to relocate for lots of reasons and to lots of different countries with many expat communities situated worldwide. There are also many websites and expat forums online with information regarding moving abroad, about many things from the culture, finances, homes, laws and much more.

Providing you do plenty of research and have the necessary planning in place, moving abroad can be the most exciting time in your life, and is extremely successful. However, for a lot of people it can be very difficult to settle down and the reality of living in a foreign country permanently can be very difficult to adjust to and the many things you leave behind can be hard to deal with. Some of the key things to consider when making your decision are things such making sure you have a good work life balance, education if you have children, language barriers, finances such as tax, buying a home or opening a bank account, safety and security, communicating with family and friends, and transport links.

One of the biggest barriers you may encounter when moving abroad is the communicating due to the language barrier. Many expat communities have people available who can give you advice in English but unless you begin to learn some of the language of your new country you could encounter problems with important things such as dealing with your local council or healthcare for example. This could make the experience quite difficult and can be one of the greatest problems people face when relocating overseas.

by Cormac Henderson

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