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If you have property to sell, then you will have almost certainly given a huge deal of thought to how to sell well. What you might not have thought about though, is how you may have lowered your chances of selling.


Though it always makes sense to add positives to the selling experience, to try and entice buyers in, you should also look at it from the other perspective.


What would put you off buying a property? And how can you avoid those mistakes?


Problems to be fixed


It goes without saying that a well-presented property will sell better more often than not. But how do you make sure your property is well presented?


Tidy up your home’s appearance by ensuring that minor repairs are taken care of. It may sound obvious, but sellers will often disregard the little fixes because they can be easily handled by the new buyer. In a lot of cases, a seller will assume that the fix is not worth worrying about.


The truth is though, that those little fixes often stand out more than anything. Indeed, as a potential buyer, these little issues will often make you wonder what larger issues might be present. And it’s certainly not something they want to have to deal with once they’ve moved in. Leaving the little things broken, like door handles and skirting boards, is a great way to put off buyers!




If you are selling your house, ask yourself why are you selling. Of course, it could be because you want to move areas or to a bigger property, but for many, it is because they plan to move into a far nicer, more modern home.


In this situation, it is easy to stop putting effort into your everyday activities around the home and let things slide. But the truth is that, just like you, a potential buyer will decide to purchase based in large part on the appearance.


If you are selling your old home, for example, and your potential buyers don’t get a good impression of the space, then they won’t be able to see themselves living there. If your potential buyers can’t see themselves living in the space, then why would they buy it?


Take some time to ensure your home is vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned before taking any property photos or inviting in viewers, and clear away clutter and bold furnishings to help present a neutral space. You might also want to think about quick changes you can make to help your home feel fresher, such as adding a new coat of paint or even just changing up old-fashioned features such as taps and light switches for more contemporary styles.


Of course, if you simply don’t have time to go through the rigmarole of selling your house the traditional way, there is another choice. At National Property Trade, we buy any house, so why not get in touch today?

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