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River in Clyde with a Bridge

If you want to buy a home in order to sell property fast, a study has revealed which cities in the UK are the best to live in.


Research conducted by ReallyMoving found that property is most inaccessible in the capital city of London, but cited Glasgow as the city with homes which are most affordable to those in the lower wage brackets.


Glasgow was followed by Manchester as the city which is the next most affordable, but the study highlighted a general problem with the inaccessibility of property for those in ‘mid ranging’ professions for salary in London. Police officers could only afford to buy 14 per cent of homes and teachers only 13 per cent of homes, highlighting the grim outlook for potential buyers in the capital.


Birmingham was found to be the second least accessible city in terms of buying property. If you work as bar staff in the city, two per cent of Birmingham’s homes are within your reach, and that share rises to four per cent for sales assistants. In contrast, five per cent of homes are affordable to Glasgow bar workers, with taxi drivers being able to buy 42 per cent of all homes.


In Manchester, taxi drivers can afford to buy 40 per cent of all properties, with 13 per cent being affordable to sales assistants in the city.


Commenting on the findings, Rob Houghton, chief executive officer at ReallyMoving, highlighted that the London statistics reflected well on the pay conditions of train drivers: “Becoming a train driver may not be a profession many people consider, but in fact it is surprisingly well paid and offers a great chance of getting on the housing ladder, even in London, where train drivers can afford over a quarter of homes.”


From this research, it seems that buyers intent on selling property to as large a market as possible in a short space of time should look north, to cities such as Manchester and Glasgow. This will give them a larger pool of potential buyers, and increase their chances of seeing a return on investment in as quick a time as possible.


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