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Selling your house can be difficult, especially when you need to weigh up the positives and negatives of setting a lower price to help your house sell fast, in conjunction with getting a fair market price. As such, homeowners are looking for the best tips and handy hints to help them sell their property fast without compromising on the price.


Our experts at National Property Trade know all the tricks of the trade and know that one of the best ways to sell your property is to make it look like a new build as, statistically, this is what buyers prefer. Obviously, while you cannot alter the actual age of your house, there are a number of easily actionable things you can do to help sway those potential buyers.


1. The outside is just as important as the inside


The front of your property is the first thing any potential buyers will see, and it’s vital that you get this area looking spot on, as first impressions really do count. Ensure that the façade of your building is clean, all windows are spotless, and your garden is immaculate – just as it would in a newbuild property.


2. Attempt to depersonalise your rooms


Any potential buyer will visualise themselves in your house, imagining themselves and their family sitting in your living room watching the television and cooking in the kitchen. This can be difficult to do if your property is covered in personal effects. As such, it is recommended to remove items that personalise your house, including family pictures and personal trophies and medals.


3. Keep it clean, and don’t forget the smell!


It goes without saying that your house must be immaculate when potential buyers come around. Any marks on the carpet or smears on the wall will instantly detract from the house itself. Equally, it is imperative that your home smells new; so if your house smells like smoke, or has a distinct pet odour, this must be solved immediately.


At National Property Trade, we guarantee to buy any house! We buy any house regardless of condition – for more information, please contact us at


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Cormac has an impeccable team within this industry and being an investor with National Property Trade for many years, I have just recently relied on them to sell a lingering property. Whatmore can I say, fantastic, sold wthin 12 days from initial offer to cash in the bank. EXCELLENT!
Very happy with the service we received. I dealt with Daniel and he gave me confidence that other companies didn't. I was very nervous at first but he explained every thoroughly and everything panned out as he said. Great work and I highly recommend National Property Trade