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With our careers and family lives constantly evolving, there are endless reasons why Brits decide to move house. But according to a new study, three factors top the list. We take a closer look at the reasons so many people are looking to sell their home fast this summer.


Moving house for work


Between April and June 2018, almost a quarter of people surveyed said that their career was their main reason for moving. This might have been for a change of job; or simply to be near to their current workplace. In fact, work-related reasons for making the move have bumped up by 5% between April and June. In the period covering January-March 2017, the figure sat at 17%; now it’s 22%.


For young people under the age of 25, almost four in ten have decided to move because of their job. In fact, it’s the most common reason for this demographic.


The Office for National Statistics has recently revealed that our employment rate is at its highest since records began all the way back in 1971. With 75.6% of people now employed and climbing the career ladder, it’s not too big a surprise that work is such an important factor.


Moving house for the family


Over one in ten people have decided to move house because they have plans to start a family, are already pregnant for the first time, or are preparing for another child. With more children comes the need for more bedrooms, more play areas, and a larger living space.


But it’s not just about baby fever: another 10% said they’re simply moving home because they want to be able to live closer to their loved ones.


Moving house to be richer


Interestingly, 18-24 year olds were the most likely to be after a cheaper place to live. 12% of people who answered the survey said they were moving to live in a cheaper area; freeing up funds to live a happier lifestyle. As well as this, 7% of respondents wanted to downsize in order to release some capital in their property. Rather than trading up, disposable income is a priority.


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