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For many years now, the key to selling any property has been through the optimal use of marketing and advertising. Using the right forms of advertising has often led to an increase in prospective purchasers and thus the sale of many homes. Since the internet broke out, estate agents for example have been reliant on placing listings on online websites and forums, reaching far more potential buyers than ever before. With less emphasis on paper catalogues or adverts in shop windows, the cost of advertising has also dropped significantly, with an endless choice of ways to reach people through clever marketing techniques.

Now as technology has advanced further, and people are becoming heavily reliant on mobile technology, homeowners and agents have created apps for passers-by to browse the market at their leisure or even receive updates on new listings or reduced house prices. QE codes then began to take shape, and so by using your smartphone to scan one of these codes relating to a property you can have the information streamed directly to your phone with the click of a button.

Companies understand that marketing and advertising is clearly the key to reaping the most rewards, gaining a larger audience and potential buyers. This is why so many of them even have dedicated teams of marketing specialists considering the next step in increasing the target market audience, reaching potential new buyers and much more, and of course estate agents are no exception. The question is, what next for estate agents? What is the best way to sell your home? And if you’re looking to buy a home, where should you be looking?

Well one of the expected new trends for 2014 is in fact wearable technology, and the first to produce this new contraption, is Google with their concept glasses. Google Glass, as it is known has a camera built in, enabling the wearing to capture images or even record video giving browsing, bidding or even buying your new home a whole new dynamic.

Google Glass claims to be so realistic and offers such an intimate perspective of a home, that it could change the notion of house viewing forever. If the agent did a viewing in the future using this new technology, it could be streamed live to the homes of anyone who had access to the internet. Viewers could ask questions directly to the agent, and see exactly through the eyes of that person. Estate agents are already beginning to use Google Glass as a way to create videos for potential buyers or offer live viewings. It increases productivity, convenience and speed throughout the house buying process.

They may seem incredibly futuristic, but as with GPS, Skype or other technology, it could soon be an everyday part of life, particularly in business. Who knows what the future of marketing holds for property buying and selling, but as with the transition to online technology in general, Google Glass really does seem to be a move in the right direction.

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