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National Property Trade Team


Cormac Henderson
Managing Director
Daniel Lowerson
Sales Director
Oliver Russell
Progression Team Manager
Tina McGrath
Finance Manager
Simon Currell
Property Sales Manager
Shadrach Straker
Property Sales Consultant
David Courtney-Couch
Property Sales Consultant
Chris Martin
Property Sales Consulant
Danny Webster
Property Sales Consultant
Darrell Clout
Progression Case Manager
Taz Thiara
Progression Case Manager
Denise Hebden
Sales Support
Edward Kelso
Residential Investment and Acquisitions Manager
Jeannie Dwyer
Office Manager

National Property Trade is rated 4.88 stars by based on 209 merchant reviews

4.88 / 5 Rating
209 Reviews
"We sold our house using National Property Trade's Assisted sale. Large payment upfront, all bills paid and how sold within 4 weeks with a further payment upon completion. Great way of selling our house and we would definitely recommend this product to any vendor looking for a sale."
We received an exceptional service from Dan and his team and we highly recommend National Property Trade to other homeowners looking for a quick sale.
Very aggressive staff. Felt humiliated and was shouted at and was left in tears. I tried to explain that we have three high street state agents valuing our property much higher, but J shouted thats all we will give you, DO YOU UNDERSTAND, no matter how long you talk it is not going to go higher! Word of advise don't market your property under priced for quick sale because their offer is dependent on marketing price not true price. We were ill advised to market ours under priced to get people through the door, but this has back fired on all levels.