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With so much competition in the housing market, it is really important to make the best impression to prospective buyers if you want them to choose your home. Basic maintenance, cleaning and decluttering your home ready for viewing is really important but staging your home is equally important and could be the difference between being on the market for months and getting a quick house sale. Staging your home, helps it to appear bigger, look warmer and more homely, cleaner and ultimately makes people want to buy your house. Staging your home is the process you go through after you have done all those minor repairs, give the walls a lick of paint and tidied the garden. It is about creating the right mood to help buyers envisage themselves and their families within the property.

If you have the budget for it, you can employ a professional stager who can completely transform your home ready to sell, but there are a few things you can do yourself which are less costly and easy to do to achieve a similar look. Arranging furniture in the right way or simply adding specific items to certain areas of a room can make a huge difference. Add a little luxury by draping simply high quality fabrics like silk or fur over a chair for example. Professional stagers use many different and unique items to transform a house ready for sale. It can be anything from mirrors to give the illusion of space to plants and lamps to help the space look warmer and more homely. Throws and rugs can also help create a warmer mood, as well as extra pillows, and scatter cushions.

Staging takes away the personalisation but adds soul and warmth to the room. There are many hints and tips, but essentially you can experiment by adding different items to each room to create a warm and inviting mood. Bowls of fruit are always a good idea, as it also adds rich colours to the room. Also add cookbooks in the kitchen, allowing people viewing to imagine themselves using the kitchen and cooking for their family. And it is always a good idea to bring the outside in but adding plants and delicate flowers. Remove furniture that seems awkward or bulky, ensuring that there is plenty of free space around the home. In rooms such as the bathroom, add a basket of luxury spa items to give the illusion of luxury, such as soaps, lotions, oils and scents.

It doesn’t just have to stay within your home either, you can improve the mood of your outside space by adding pot plants or garden furniture such as swings, a barbecue or water feature. This gives the illusion of tranquillity and relaxation, as well as helping a prospective buyer imagine family days out in the garden. And don’t forget anything you use to stage your home or garden can easily be taken with you when you move house, unless you make arrangements with your buyer regarding fixtures and fittings. But by following simple steps like this you can expect to achieve a quick home sale sooner than you think.

by Cormac Henderson

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