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Refurbish the Kitchen or Bathroom First

If you have just moved into your property and looking to refurbish your dated kitchen or bathroom, or perhaps you are considering updating them in order to get a quick home sale then you may be wondering which one to tackle first. Whichever room you begin with, it is sure to help put you at ease and improve your home enormously. Obviously what you do is restricted to your budget, but there are lots of things you can do on a smaller budget to completely transform both the kitchen and bathroom. Unlike simply re-painting a bedroom, the kitchen and bathroom are rooms which are more time-consuming and disruptive. You could end up without running water for a short time, or use of your toilet or appliances in the kitchen. So ideally you need to be fairly quick and get things up and running as soon as possible. But before you begin it is worth preparing for the lack of facilities for a short time and organising something temporarily, particularly if you have children.

Generally a kitchen costs more to develop than a bathroom, so you could think about how far your budget can stretch and whether you want to get the more expensive costs out of the way or be more conservative. Kitchens also take much longer to refurbish than bathrooms so think about how much time you have. Are you doing it over a weekend or have you taken a week off work? A weekend may not be enough to complete either room leaving you with an unfinished kitchen or bathroom until you can tackle it again, so bear that in mind. Depending on your budget you may not have enough for both, so you need to decide whether you want to do a complete job on one room or make a few smaller changes to both.

Rather than purchasing an entire new kitchen for example, you could resurface or replace drawers and doors and replace the worktop. Both of which can make a huge difference for a lot less than a complete new kitchen. New flooring doesn’t need to cost a fortune depending on what you choose, and you can find bargains on various websites where people are giving away materials they don’t need. In some cases you could even bag yourself a complete kitchen or bathroom! A lick of paint in both the kitchen and bathroom as well as replacing accessories like towel rail, mirror or taps etc. is also an inexpensive way of transforming a room.

If you can attempt much of the work yourself then it is definitely more cost effective as you can save a fortune in labour costs. You may only need outside help if you need help with things such as plumbing, but this depends on the refurbishment you are looking to undertake. Ultimately any improvements you make to either the kitchen or bathroom can significantly help you achieve a fast house sale and in some cases add value to your home.

by Cormac Henderson

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