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Taking a Photo of a Dog


For many people, selling their home is a difficult time emotionally. Your house is where you spend the vast majority of your time, and as such, it becomes associated with many important memories, from your child’s first steps to pets that have passed. It’s understandable that when selling your property it can be hard to let go, but this nostalgia may hold you back from a sale at a time when you really need to sell quickly. In today’s blog post, we’ve put together a number of ways you can sell your home without the nostalgia, allowing you to say goodbye to your house easily.


1. Take photographs


One of the main reasons people don’t want to leave a house is because they think that, over time, they will forget it, along with the memories associated with specific places. By taking photographs of the house, the rooms that are special to you, and even the quirky features of the house that always made you smile, you know that you will always have a record of them by which to remember.


2. Take something with you


It’s not just pictures of your old house that you can take, there will be many other potential keepsakes lying around. The best, and perhaps easiest, thing to take would be a plant or shrub from the garden, which you can replant in your new house. That way, you will always have a piece of your old sold home seamlessly integrated into your new life.


3. Have a house-cooling party


Exactly the opposite of house-warming parties, a house-cooling party is a great way to say goodbye to your old home. Invite neighbours and people from the community who you have spent time with, and take this opportunity to say a goodbye to them. Remember though, selling your house doesn’t mean you won’t see these people again, and it is well worth checking you have updated versions of everyone’s contact details to ensure that you can stay in touch.


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