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Give your property the edge

With lots of great properties for sale in your region, your town or even your street, how do you sell your house fast? After all, you have your heart set on a new place and you want to move now! Here are some straightforward tips to attract a buyer quickly and sell your property.

Spick and span

Clearly, your house is not going to be completely spick and span! After all, you are living your life in every room. However, before any viewings, it’s vital that you get your house sale ready: spick and span. Treat each potential buyer as if they were the first.

At the very least, your carpets need to be no strangers to a vacuum and your surfaces clear of dirt, stains and dust. Obviously, this will make it easier to sell your property fast.

The Hotspots

Laundry basket overflowing? Sink steeped in dirty pots? Toilet not as fresh as it should be? In everyday life, all homes are like this. But in the world of selling the property, your house needs to be near show house standard.

You might have a boisterous puppy, a messy baby or a sullen teenager that’s transformed one room into a potential health hazard. But, if you want to sell your property fast – get your house in order!

Smell the coffee

Visually, your house needs to be presentable to sell fast. We buy with our eyes. But we buy with our noses too. The smell of coffee used to equal the smell of a sale. However, modern noses demand more. Too much artificial air freshener could be too potent. Similarly, cooking fish just before a potential buyer arrives isn’t the best idea.

Think about candles and flowers. No, you’re not romancing your buyer. You are creating something aesthetically appealing. Flowers are an attractive feature in any house. And they smell good too. Candles with wax melts give an agreeable light aroma. Happiness helps to sell your property fast.

Pursuit of Happiness

Make potential buyers feel happy. Then, they will see your house as their future home.

living room at night by andrechinn licensed under Creative commons 4

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We sold our bungalow using National Property Trade and had the pleasure of dealing with Samson. Very straight forward and without hassle which is exactly what we were looking for. Being sceptical of most property buying companies online, National Property Trade happily answered any questions put to them and were very open and honest from the start. You have broughr bright light to our lives in difficult circumstances and without you guys we would be lost with you. Many many thanks.
Excellent service received and we would like to say a big thank you to Samson for all his hard work and professionalism.