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Figures have shown that over the past few years, the best times to buy and sell property quickly is during the spring and the autumn. While exact reasons can’t be pinned down to explain this, you shouldn’t lose heart when trying to sell your house quickly in the summer. Our experts have listed a few tips on how to best tempt summer buyers.


1. Your garden is key


While most flowers will bloom during the spring, people naturally associate summer with a perfect garden. Given the tendency for summer BBQs, drinks outside and pool parties, buyers will pay far more attention to the state and quality of your garden in the summer. As such, you should aim to mow your lawn at least once a week, weed the flower beds regularly, and ensure your garden truly represents your home.


2. Be flexible for viewings


The summer months are often the busiest times for people. Summer holidays, children away from school and increased social events means that potential buyers will have less free time to view your house. Therefore, when looking to sell your property fast, you need to ensure that you are as flexible as possible with viewings, allowing as many people as possible to come and see your home.


3. Keep it cool


You need to convince potential buyers that your house will be perfect for them to live in, having them enter into a hot and stuffy room is not likely to help you sell your home quickly. Therefore, it is important to try and control the temperature, keeping the rooms cool and your viewers happy. Whether this means opening a window or putting on an electric fan, the air temperature is key to entice people to buy your house.


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