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Many homeowners choose to sell their home at some point, whether it is to upgrade, downsize or are looking to sell their home fast due to risk of repossession. Whatever those reasons are, selling your home can be tiresome and frustrating, with lots of things to consider. Many people find themselves with their home on the market for months at a time before any interest at all, and then when something seems promising it often doesn’t transpire, making you feel disheartened and anxious. However in many cases, it is simple things that can prevent you from getting a quick house sale or even managing to get prospective buyers through the door to view your home. From décor to the environment or outstanding repairs, there are many things can easily put buyers off and delay a quick sale of your home.

Evaluating your home, and making changes to make your property more attractive can be the difference between your property remaining on the market for months or achieving your full asking price, allowing you to move forward and potentially make a profit. Depending on your reasons for selling your home, it may seem pointless spending money on repairs or making your home look attractive to buyers as you’re leaving anyway. You could of course choose to sell your home as it is, but this is likely to take much longer and result in much less money offered. You can contact your local estate agents first of all, to find out what the maximum potential value is of your home which will give you an idea of what you could achieve.

It isn’t necessary to spend thousands of pounds on your property and start building extensions, but you can certainly make a huge difference with relatively little effort. Begin by ensuring the exterior is inviting, grass and shrubs are tidy, paintwork is fresh and windows are clean. Nobody wants to turn up to a property that is overgrown with the curtains drawn. It’s all about opening up your home and making it bright and welcoming, and you can achieve this in many different ways. When it comes to the interior of your home, make sure small repairs are done, it is clean and tidy. Consider giving everywhere a lick of paint, and remove any clutter or excess furniture which will help to open up your home and make it appear spacious and inviting. Also think about when to put your home on the market as certain times of the year are better than others. You could save a lot of money by waiting until spring rather than paying fees over the winter months for no interest. When you do get viewings booked, ensure the property is pet free, there are no odd smells and everything is clean and tidy. It is also a good idea to get advice from friends or neighbours who can help point out anything that can be done to improve the appeal of your home and before you know it you will have offers pouring in!

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4.88 / 5 Rating
209 Reviews
"We sold our house using National Property Trade's Assisted sale. Large payment upfront, all bills paid and how sold within 4 weeks with a further payment upon completion. Great way of selling our house and we would definitely recommend this product to any vendor looking for a sale."
We received an exceptional service from Dan and his team and we highly recommend National Property Trade to other homeowners looking for a quick sale.
Very aggressive staff. Felt humiliated and was shouted at and was left in tears. I tried to explain that we have three high street state agents valuing our property much higher, but J shouted thats all we will give you, DO YOU UNDERSTAND, no matter how long you talk it is not going to go higher! Word of advise don't market your property under priced for quick sale because their offer is dependent on marketing price not true price. We were ill advised to market ours under priced to get people through the door, but this has back fired on all levels.