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Bath with bubbles in and candles around it


Selling your property quickly can be difficult, especially given the current slow-selling market. For anyone who needs to sell their property quickly, it can be difficult to weigh up the relative aspects of selling quickly and getting the right price for your property. However, there are a few easily actionable tips that you can do which will help you sell property quicker than you could have ever imagined, and our experts at National Property Trade are here to offer you all of the best advice.


One key way of helping anyone who is selling property is through room definition. This is where you restore each room to its original purpose, which allows the buyer to see what the room should be used for, and thus make it easier to imagine themselves in that room. Room definition can easily be achieved through a few quick and easy steps:


1. Remove any personal photographs


Not only does a lack of personal photographs help to restore a room to its original purpose by allowing the focus to be on its defining features, but it also helps to depersonalise your property, which makes it easier for any potential buyers to visualise themselves in your house in the future.


2. Accentuate traditional room features


Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, you should organise the furniture and furnishing in the room to accentuate the key purpose of the room. Therefore, bathrooms should keep the bath as the main focus, you should remove that office paperwork from your kitchen, and your living room should be free of your children’s toys. This allows any viewers to understand the layout of the house and makes it easier for them to remember your property when they leave.


3. Remember that the little details count


Any small finishing touches will go a long way to impress the viewer. As well as remembering to fix any small niggles, such as broken light bulbs, it is also worth considering adding little touches to each room that help to define it. A great example is to add candles to your bathroom, evoking images of relaxing in the bath to candlelight – a sure-fire way of convincing viewers about your home.


At National Trade, we buy any property, saving you all the hassle of having viewers over and continually waiting for an offer to come in. For more information, please contact us at:


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Thank you to Oliver and Daniel for being very professional throughout the sale of our property.
We had a great experience using National Property Trade and would have no hesitation recommending you to our friends and family
Cormac has an impeccable team within this industry and being an investor with National Property Trade for many years, I have just recently relied on them to sell a lingering property. Whatmore can I say, fantastic, sold wthin 12 days from initial offer to cash in the bank. EXCELLENT!