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One of the most frequent but commonly ignored reasons people are put off from buying houses is due to the by-products of your pets. When moving into a new property, new homeowners want to move into a house which is a blank canvas, and there are many reasons why evidence of pets during their viewing can give them the image of a ‘dirty’ canvas instead, including hair, smells and toilet accidents.


While moving the animal itself may be easy, there are a number of other things you must do to ensure your house looks pet free, helping you to sell your property quickly.


1. Remember to move their food and water bowl


For any larger animals which eat and drink from specific places, ensure that you remove their food and water bowls. In addition, it is well worth scrubbing the floor around this area to ensure that any stains or marks left are removed from sight.


2. Get rid of hair


Pet hair can often become the bane of a pet owners’ life, and it is certainly noticeable to any potential viewers, especially if it is all over the furniture. Invest in some furniture covering to use while your pets are around, only take them off for when you have a viewing. Equally, remember to wear clothes that are completely free from pet hair.


3. Get someone to check for odours


Although you may have become used to your pet’s smell, anyone viewing the house for the first time will not, and a bad smell can instantly turn a potential buyer off. However, the fact that you can’t smell it becomes a problem, so it is essential that you have a friend or neighbour who will be honest will you to check whether they can still smell your pet.


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