Assisted Sale Advance Cash

NPT has partnered with The Assisted Sale Company (ASC) to offer an Assisted Sale Advanced Cash product which is ideal for people who have a mortgage in place on their home. In an Assisted Sale, The Assisted Sale Company will guarantee a sale price and immediately pay you, in cash, the equity in your house. They then take over the mortgage on your home with permission from your lender and pay all your bills while they sell the property. ASC are able to pay you more in an Assisted Sale because they use your existing financing which is already in place instead of their own cash to purchase the property. If you don’t have a mortgage, ASC can still offer you an Assisted Sale by paying you up to 30% of the guaranteed sale price immediately and the balance once they sell the home. No matter the price ASC sell the home, they will always pay you the amount they initially guaranteed.

Not available in Scotland

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Our quick and transparent process will take the stress out of selling your home

Enter Your Details

1. Enter your details

Enter your details below and receive an estimated offer.

Initial Offer

2. NPT will contact you

A property sales consultant from National Property Trade will contact you to discuss your options and make you a desktop offer based on market and comparable information. If you choose to proceed with an Assisted Sale, our partners at The Assisted Sale Company, will take over your case and guide you through the rest of the process.

2 Free Property Valuations

3. Two free property valuations

The Assisted Sale company will instruct 2 independent agents to visit and value your property – at no cost to you.

Final Offer From NPT

4. Final offer

(Subject to RICS survey)

Based on their valuation and The Assisted Sale Company’s market knowledge and experience, they will give you an offer, sharing all valuations and thought-process with you

Accept Offer

5. Accept offer

If you accept our offer, we will instruct our solicitors and RICS surveyor.

Receive Upfront Payment

6. Receive upfront payment

You will receive the equity upfront payment in your bank account, as quickly as within 7 days.

Receive Proceeds

7. Receive second payment

(If needed)

Depending on your situation and agreement, the balancing payment would be received once your property is sold.