The Enlightenment as well as the Industrial Revolution were the driving historical forces behind Birmingham’s emergence as an international city.  Innovations in manufacturing techniques that were first implemented in Birmingham were later replicated all over the world.

Today, most of the factories that fueled Birmingham’s initial growth have relocated overseas, but further technological advances have allowed Birmingham to keep expanding.  Outside of London, Birmingham is the biggest and fastest growing metropolitan area in all of Britain today.

If you currently own property in Birmingham, you’re in luck.  Buyers from around the world are interested in doing business with you.


Sell House Fast Birmingham: Why Experts Call Birmingham a Property Jewel

In 2015, the Urban Land Institute rated Birmingham as the top place to invest in property in all of the United Kingdom.  Houses tend to move fast because hoards of investors are competing to land the best deals.

Here are just a few of the many reasons that make Birmingham such an attractive property locale.

  • Urban renewal is breathing new life into the run-down parts of Birmingham and driving up the cost of property. Birmingham New Street station is fresh off its £600m upgrade and Resorts World Birmingham is set to open in spring of 2016.  Additionally, the brand new Grand Central shopping district is already attracting tourists from all over the world.
  • London’s housing market is overheated and overpriced. Property buyers who initially wanted to invest in London area properties are now willing to look elsewhere.  Birmingham is the best alternative.
  • A wealth of affordable, top-notch office space makes Birmingham an ideal choice for London businesses looking to relocate. The rush to claim cheap office space is also boosting the housing market.  When businesses relocate, so do their employees.


Sell House Fast Birmingham: Sell Only to Experienced Buyers

Because of the Birmingham’s international appeal and booming economy, buyers from all over the world can’t wait to move in and become Brummies.

If you want to sell fast and cash in on the Birmingham housing boom, you need to find a buyer who is willing to pay in cash.  Many international property movers and shakers are willing to move fast, but only when sellers are willing to compromise and lower their prices.

National Property Trade is the most trusted name in the property game.  Give us a call today to find out more about how NPT can give you cash money for your Birmingham house in as little as 7 days.


Sell House Fast Birmingham: Just a Few Perils of Selling Alone

If you plan on selling fast in Birmingham, you need to do more than just run the vacuum across the carpet and pick your laundry up off the floor– you need to totally revamp your property and change the entire feeling of your home.

Here are just a few things that you’ll need to accomplish if you want to go the DIY route:

  • Spruce up the lawn.
  • Trim the bushes and trees.
  • Replace the mailbox.
  • Repaint everything.
  • Toss awkward looking furniture.
  • Create open spaces for potential buyers to wander around in.

Unlike fickle property buyers, NPT will give you a fair price no matter what your property looks like.  Unless you don’t mind doing all that re-decorating yourself, hire National Property Trade to do all the work for you and get cash back fast.


Sell House Fast Birmingham: How Property Agents Can Hurt You

Don’t buy into the idea that expensive estate agents will help you sell your house in a short amount of time.  Cutting-edge real estate statistics indicate that experience can actually hurt when it comes to selecting an estate agent.

With so much counter-intuitive data out there, getting a fair price for your home and closing a sale quickly is more complicated than ever.  If you want to move quickly, NPT will handle all the details for you.  Call us or email us today to get started.

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