CEO Cormac Henderson; how we adapt and protect our most vulnerable

We must come together to ensure our sector’s long-term survival. Our future selves will thank us for it 

National Property Trade CEO Cormac Henderson discusses in ‘Property Week’ how we all must come together to ensure the long-term survival of the care sector and protect the most vulnerable in society. 

In these dark, extraordinary times of Covid19, we must all ask ourselves: what have we learned? We must now look at how we can adapt for the future, how we can prepare and ensure we are never again faced with a threat that can shut down the world economy and put our most fragile in harm’s way. 

Lobbying for policy changes, investing in health and safety equipment, introducing community-based schemes, and carrying out testing for carers and their families must now be implemented across our retirement communities and care homes. Now is the time for a change.   

Retirement village operators offering independent living, where care is on hand if needed rather than 24-7, decrease the number of human touch points and therefore lower the risk of spreading of a contagion. Operators play an important role in ensuring seniors feel part of a community and are not isolatedvital for social interaction and mental wellbeing. A village can lockdown when required, yet essential services can still be offered while following HSE guidelines. This emphasises the importance of the owner-operator model, where the operator has a vested interest in the health and happiness of the community – this must be the future. 

National Property Trade and our partners are exploring Covid-19-proof home sale and move services that allow sellers to avoid the risk of contagion. This allows home sales without viewings or inspections and the move can take place over several days post-completion. This is convenient and easy while?avoiding the open market to minimise unnecessary human touchpoints, all executed in accordance with Government guidelines and social distancing measures.

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Cormac Henderson is CEO of National Property Trade

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