Relocating abroad? Three house sale points to remember

Couple relocating abroad after selling house

If you’re thinking about relocating to a foreign country, there are all sorts of considerations to keep in mind, from the exciting to the more pragmatic. What will your lifestyle be like, what will the climate be like? Selling your UK home is another matter to keep in mind, and it’s one you may well be a little stressed about, especially if you’re wanting to sell your house quickly. Here’s a guide to make sure the entire process is as smooth as possible. 


Firstly, you’ll need to think about your living requirements in the new country. What size property will you buy over there, for example? How much equity will you need in order to secure your next place? These considerations will inform how much you ask for the property, and how willing you will be to negotiate on price in order to secure a speedy yet lucrative sale – or to hold out for on the asking price.


Depending on your exact plans, you may well need your relocation process to kick off immediately. Say you’ve got a job in a faraway location: hanging around in the UK for too long could leave your new employer wondering when you’re going to arrive, which could interfere with any number of other processes, such as visa applications. 

As some exchange processes can be long-winded and drawn-out, you may find yourself stuck for months trying to sell your home and leave, particularly if your buyers pull out or mess you around. That’s one reason why many people consider selling their home to an organisation like National Property Trade, where in some instances, properties can be purchased within just a week.


It’s also worth thinking about how long your spell abroad might be. It’s unlikely that you’ll be going for much less than a year, however – and maintaining an empty property in another country for the long term is much more hassle than it’s worth. Selling your property as quickly as you can and then either buying abroad or putting the profits in a high-yield savings account until you’ve settled down again is a sensible move.

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