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One of the first things we consider when purchasing our home is home insurance, ensuring our building and contents is protected in the event of any problems, whether that be accidental damage, a natural disaster or even a burglary, but we often don’t think that one day it may well happen to us. In fact most many homes are targeted by burglars at some point, with certain areas being more prone to burglary than others. It’s therefore a good idea to consider steps you can take to protect your home against burglars and avoid potential problems.

The consequences of burglary can not only cause loss or damage to goods but can often cause emotional distress for the family. The idea of a stranger entering your home and helping themselves to your personal belongings is a rather upsetting thought. Many potential thieves will target properties in certain areas, sometimes checking properties during the day to assess security. Others are more opportunist and may simply climb through an open window if they see one or check for unlocked doors and take what they can. Others will target specific items like bikes or even cars, snatching your keys in the night before taking off in your car. All of these scenarios are very scary, but unfortunately very real.

Many people ask themselves what they may do if they came face to face with a burglar; something which many of us hope we will never have to face. By remember a few basic points you could protect your home and hopefully never have to worry about anyone entering your home at all.

You can begin by replacing your front door with one that has no letter box, as many burglars use the letterbox to steal keys for example which often hang near the door. You can always replace it with an external lockable post box which can be attached to the wall.

Fitting a burglar alarm may seem like an expensive outlay but they are extremely valuable in the long run and at the very least act as a deterrent to potential thieves. You can also set different zones within your home, so you can sleep peacefully knowing that you are protected. Surprisingly an alarm system can also help to sell your house quickly in the future. Also consider installing CCTV. This can be quite inexpensive and not only acts as a deterrent but also helps the police to catch anybody that may have been caught on CCTV getting into mischief. Even getting a dog can be a deterrent to many burglars believe it or not.

Lastly make sure you always keep windows and doors closed when you leave the house or at night. Invest in security locks where possible and don’t leave valuable items on display. If you are out for the evening, consider leaving a small lamp on in the house and close the curtains. Protecting your home is predominantly common sense, and by following these simply steps you could be protecting your home and your family from potential burglars and the distress that comes with that.

by Cormac Henderson

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