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There are many reasons why people move abroad. It could be to start a new job, to travel the world or simply to put your feet up on a sun-soaked beach. In most cases you’ll probably be thinking about selling your home before jetting off. The problem is that this can take a while to do – that is, unless you choose to sell your house fast. This is a prospect that homeowners should be jumping at before hopping on a plane because it brings many advantages. Here are three to think about.

Globe in palm of hand


A quick house sale means that you will be paid in cash. This can be very helpful when you’re in the midst of setting up home in a foreign land. You don’t have to worry about all your money being tied up in your home, nor for a chain to fully complete before you get your payday. Instead, you’ll have money to play around with while you get accustomed to your new life.


There’s so much to do when you’re moving abroad. You’ve got flights to arrange, visas to apply for and bags to pack. The last thing that you want to appear on your to-do list is the rigmarole of having to put your home on the market too. This can be a real hassle to do because you’ll need to pull out all the stops to attract a buyer. Of course, there’s no guarantee that all this effort will equate to an offer either.

Loose ends

It can be problematic to leave the country without having finalised a sale. At best you could find yourself struggling to relax into your new life while your empty house is at the back of your mind. At worst, you could be forced to return to finalise the contracts and tie up all the loose ends. There is, however, no need to dwell on such things if you choose to sell your home fast before leaving.

The perfect solution!

A quick sale is perfect for anyone who’s moving abroad and doesn’t want to be tied to their property. To make it a reality before you leave, get in touch with National Property Trade.

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