Most Common Problems that can Make Your Home Hard to Sell

Most Common Problems that can Make Your Home Hard to Sell

Selling your home can be difficult and stressful at the best of times, particularly if circumstances force you to gain a quick house sale due to mortgage arrears or the risk of repossession. So it can be even more frustrating when other things go wrong or make selling even harder, and unfortunately, there are many things that can happen right up until the final hurdle. You should really deal with basic maintenance or repairs before even thinking about contacting an estate agent or solicitor, as even the most basic repairs can put off potential buyers, causing huge delays with the sale and of course you don’t want to be in the middle of repairs or decorating when prospective purchasers visit for a viewing! So firstly ensure the garden is tidy along with the exterior of your home, as overgrown shrubs and flaky paint on doors and windowsills can be the first thing to put people off.

There are obviously things that can hinder a sale that is completely out of your control. For example, the area you live in, scheduled road works nearby, high crime rates or living in a high-risk flooding area can create problems selling. The only thing you can do in this situation is making your home as attractive as possible to help outweigh the negative points associated with your property. Problems such as damp or condensation cannot be ignored and will usually be picked up on the home survey so don’t be tempted to cover up any damp patches. Instead, it is better to invest in trying to fix the problem as this could help to achieve a fast home sale.

Basic things like smells can put off many buyers yet it is so simple to eradicate. Ensure there are no pets around during scheduled viewings and definitely avoid smoking in the house. Use natural products to help make the property smell better such as baking or coffee rather than artificial air freshener which could make potential purchasers suspicious. Also, consider decorating your home in more neutral colours which will help freshen up your home whilst being more appealing to people viewing. Floral wallpaper might be lovely to you, but another person may find it hideous. Not everyone has the same tastes so it is much safer to opt for neutral colours and designs.

One of the other big problems that can hinder selling your home is anti-social or noisy neighbours. So try and get them onside, even if that means baking a cake or inviting them round for a coffee – it really will pay dividends. If you live in a more isolated area away from shops or schools then highlight the benefits of the area you are in, such as being peaceful and private. You can’t win everybody round but by doing as much as you can to make your home look attractive and inviting, you can help balance out any negatives there may be regarding the area and help secure a quick property sale.

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