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When you have worked so hard to build up your family home, and purchase your contents over the years it is terrible to think of anyone breaking in and helping themselves to your hard earned personal items or sentimental possessions. Unfortunately burglary still occurs in many neighbourhoods with higher rates in more affluent areas of the UK. It is obviously important to ensure you have the right level of insurance in case of anything like this but there are many other ways to help protect your home against thieves giving you and your family peace of mind.

It is especially important to take precautions if you are going away for any long period of time such as a holiday. Many potential thieves will look for signs that you are away, and in some cases they may even watch the area for a while beforehand to gauge whether anyone is going on their holidays. Make sure you have good locks on all your doors and windows and that none are left open or unlocked – even if you want to let air in – don’t! When it comes to hiding valuables, most burglars head straight to the master bedroom hoping to find your treasures such as jewellery or cash stashed in drawers or jewellery boxes, so be savvy about where you hide these items. It may seem like a hassle but if you are unfortunate to be burgled while you are away then you may at least come home to find them still deep at the bottom of the children’s toy chest or under the sink in the kitty litter box. You could also consider a safe to put anything extremely valuable, which may also protect against fire too.

The likelihood of being burgled often depends on where you live, which will often be reflected in your home insurance premium too. You can check crime statistics online for your area, but even if the risk is lower it doesn’t mean you should be less concerned about protecting your home. If you are going away you could also try and make it look a little less obvious. Timers for sockets are a great way to put off potential thieves as you can set radios, TV’s or lamps to come on at set intervals so it appears that your home is occupied. With the advancement of technology you can even get apps now that allow you to switch things on and off from anywhere in the world including watching CCTV if you have cameras installed in or around your home.

Speak to your neighbours too, as they could help by making sure post isn’t collecting in the letterbox, and just by going in and out to water plants or collect the mail can deter burglars. It is also a good idea to keep hedges low – they may provide you with a little welcome privacy but it also helps burglars to go unnoticed too. Make sure there are no ladders laying around the house or anything else that can help them get access to your property.

by Cormac Henderson

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