Looking to upsize? Here’s how to do it

There are all sorts of reasons why a person, couple or family might want to move from their current home to a larger one. Perhaps there’s a new baby on the way, for example, or maybe one partner is about to start working from home. Or maybe you simply want some extra space and feel like you’re currently tripping over each other. Whatever the reason, there are lots of ways to make this dream a reality.

Add value

In order to make your next deposit as high as possible, you’ve got to sell your current place for as much as possible. One way to do that is to add value: investigating possibilities like building extensions or replacing kitchens and bathrooms is a wise move. You’ve got to be sure that you’ll make a profit though, so be sure to speak to estate agents and builders for accurate forecasts prior to commencing work.

Buy a doer-upper

If you’re not convinced that you can turn a profit on extending your current home, meanwhile, why not think about buying somewhere with extension potential? Places with large gardens and small interiors are handy here, as it may mean you can add a sunroom or conservatory and free up what is currently a reception room for a study, a spare bedroom or something else.

Speedy sales

One of the most common stumbling blocks when it comes to selling on and releasing cash for your next deposit is slow sales. The market can stagnate even when you least expect it to, meaning you could find yourself stuck with a house that isn’t selling. That’s where cash buyers come in. With many cash buying firms able to make purchases without having to knock large amounts off the asking price, it’s not always necessary to compromise too much on price if you’re looking for speed. 

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