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As the saying goes, your kitchen really is the heart of your home. If you are hoping to sell your house, and want that quick sale, then having a welcoming and modern kitchen can really help to seal that deal. Below we share some kitchen makeover ideas for that quick sale.


Give it a good clean


It’s highly advisable that you carry out a deep clean of your kitchen, prior to putting it up for sale. Potential buyers will take in every inch of your kitchen and will look for signs of grime and grease. Clean all surfaces, the floor and cabinet doors.


Get de-cluttering


Clutter always puts off potential buyers, so make sure that your kitchen is clutter free. Focus on those kitchen countertops and make sure that they are free of food, cutlery, and other debris. Clean and clutter free kitchen countertops always appear bigger. Tidy away all dishes, cutlery, appliances and make sure to clean out cupboards and the fridge.


Look at the walls


This may seem a little odd, but potential buyers will look at your kitchen walls. If they are looking a little dated or dirty, then clean and add a fresh coat of paint. Clean, or add new splashbacks, if they are needed. Just be sure that all walls are clean and in neutral colours to be visually appealing.


Update the cabinets


Take a close look at your kitchen cabinets, and in particular the doors. If your kitchen is on the small side and the cabinets are made from dark wood, then replacing them with white cabinet doors can instantly open up space. If the cabinets look old and tired, you could repaint them or again, simply replace the doors.


A place to eat


If at all possible, then create a space to sit and eat in your kitchen. Doing so will create added interest and kitchen appeal to any potential buyer. If space is limited, then you could incorporate a fold-down table that can be stored against the wall, or utilise a section of the counter space in which to sit and eat.


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Freestanding Handmade Kitchen by ChalonHandmade licensed under Creative commons 4

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