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A vendor always wants their house to fetch the highest possible amount when selling it. Due to this, many pull out all the stops – sometimes going as far as to redecorate the property. Rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms are overhauled in the hope that this will entice more buyers and lead to a quick sale. The question is: is it wise to redecorate your home before putting it on the market? No, not always. Here are three ways that it’s often not the best route to go down.

Brush dipping in to paint tin


Style is subjective. You’re essentially rolling the dice when it comes to redecorating your home, gambling on colours and layouts that you think will attract a buyer. But what if your choices end up deterring people from making a bid? After all, buyers will have their own ideas when it comes to the interior of the property – and it might look very different to what you’ve presented them with!


Selling a house is no walk in the park. If you do it through the conventional channels, you’re looking at countless viewings, unsteady chains, delayed surveys and months of dealing with solicitors. Do you really want to add on the hassle of having to squeeze in some renovations too? The whole process can be very exhausting under normal circumstances without adding to your to-do list ahead of putting it on the market.


It’s not cheap redecorating your home. In fact, even the most stringent of budgets can end up spiralling out of control. Of course, you should be pinching as many pennies as you can due to the expenses that can arise when you move house. There’s also the likelihood that your home might not sell, or that it might attract much lower offers than you are anticipating.

There’s another way…

It doesn’t have to be your responsibility to make buyers interested in your property. Instead, you can sell your house fast and leave that concern to National Property Trade. The process isn’t just extremely simple, but one that will also result in a cash sale for you.

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