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Nice garden


Selling your house can often seem to be a difficult prospect, especially if you are needing to sell your home quickly. Given the downturn in the housing market across the UK, the lack of buyers and the trend for younger people to rent rather than buy, selling your house can seem like a faraway dream.


However, one of the key considerations that many people ignore when trying to sell their property quickly is the state of their garden. Our experts list a number of ways how improving the look of your garden can help you improve the chances of you selling your property quickly.


1. First impressions count


As with most things in life, people often make up their mind about something extremely quickly. As such, the first impression of viewers really does count. If your front garden is full of weeds, overgrown grass, or even full of old children’s toys, this air of untidiness will fill their judgements for the rest of the viewing, making them unlikely to see the house in a positive light.


2. Potential buyers want to imagine themselves in your garden


When looking at a house, potential buyers will try and imagine themselves living in your home. This includes the garden too, and they will attempt to place themselves in your garden, relaxing in the sun, or imagining having a small party there. If your garden looks amazing, they will be more likely to imagine themselves as being happy in your home.


3. Flowers evoke positive feelings


It’s well established that flowers evoke positive feelings in people – this is why we often have plants and flowers around our house. Buy offering viewers a garden full of bright flowers and happy plants, they will feel more connected to nature, and these positive feelings are likely to translate to the rest of the house too.


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Hidcote Manor Garden (NT) by Dave Catchpole licensed under Creative commons 4

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Cormac has an impeccable team within this industry and being an investor with National Property Trade for many years, I have just recently relied on them to sell a lingering property. Whatmore can I say, fantastic, sold wthin 12 days from initial offer to cash in the bank. EXCELLENT!