How much will it cost to have Japanese knotweed removed?

Japanese knotweed can be a real blight if you find it in your garden. It’s an almost indestructible plant, with many homeowners spending years trying to fight it. If you’re looking to sell your property, the problem can be even worse: it can cause structural issues if left untreated, while it can also slash the value of your home. If you need to remove this pesky plant, how much is it likely to cost you? 

The facts and figures

There’s no guaranteed price for a Japanese knotweed removal job of course, and every case is different. It may also depend on your property’s location: Japanese knotweed is common in London, where prices for any service tend to be higher, although you may be able to find an affordable specialist no matter where you are. 

In general, an owner of a small garden looking for simple digging or herbicidal treatment can expect to pay £2,000 or more. However, the owner of a large garden who is looking for a full dig and then disposal of the remainder, could be looking at £50,000 or more!

The cost of not removing it

If these figures seem too high to you, you may find yourself thinking that the best thing to do is simply ignore it and hope it goes away, but the cost of inaction can often be higher than the cost of action. If you wish to sell your property and a buyer for your home announces that they will only offer several thousand pounds under the asking price due to the need to reserve cash for knotweed removal treatment, you could end up losing more than if you had just bitten the bullet and paid for removal to begin with – and with one study finding that knotweed can wipe 20% off the property’s value, it’s a real risk.

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