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Items on a Fireplace


Are you trying to sell your home quickly? Not having much success in selling property fast? One of the reasons could be because your house is too personalised. It’s true, having too many personal items and pictures up around your house can put off prospective buyers and stop them from buying your home, even if you deliberately specify that the items and furnishings aren’t included in the sale!


Why depersonalisation works


When a potential viewer comes to your house, one of the main things they true and do is visualise themselves living there. Could they imagine themselves sitting in your living room? Their partner cooking in the kitchen? Their children in the garden? If a prospective buyer can imagine these scenarios easily, then they are far more likely to feel an affinity with your property, and subsequently put in an offer to buy it.


However, if you have lots of personal items around the house then this visualisation and imagining becomes more difficult for the viewer. It becomes a challenge to imagine themselves sharing a glass of wine in your living room if you have a large family portrait on the wall – this will creep into their imagination, either consciously or subconsciously, and ruin their fantasies. Therefore, by removing any personal photographs, you can make the house more ‘neutral’, and thus easier for potential buyers to place themselves in your surroundings, helping you to sell fast.


How to depersonalise


While the easiest way to depersonalise your property is by removing family pictures and personal photographs, true depersonalisation involves much more than this. If you are looking to sell your property fast, it is well worth removing any quirky or kooky items that may show off your personality or offend others. Take down the dreamcatchers in your bedroom, remove the hanging Indian weaves and hide the incense sticks – make your home ideal for everyone and anyone to live in.


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