Free House Valuation

Free House Valuation

At National Property Trade we pride ourselves on our professionalism and since 2004 our free house valuation tool has helped thousands of vendors get a free house valuation within a matter of seconds.

When you first visit our website you will notice a postcode entry box at the top of the screen. Being market leaders, we were one of the first companies to implement this. We thought we should create something very straight forward so that visitors to our site knew exactly what to do and what they got. You simply put in a postcode and a few other property details and hey presto, out pops a free house valuation figure along with a cash offer for the property. Nice and simple and without any complications and that is why people use our service time and time again.

Our free house valuation tool works by gathering the information entered by the vendor and then at the backend (the complicated side), we take a look at some historical sold prices on websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and We always want to pay the highest possible amount but we also need to ensure the amount we pay is based on true figures.

Typically, people think their house is worth more than it potentially is, which is fine, because here at National Property Trade, if you asked each member of our staff how much they think their property is worth, each and every one of them would all probably give different figure. We always like to consider recently sold prices – so for example, if you live in Smith Street and you think your house is worth £100,000, we have to look at the history of sold prices on that particular street. If we find the last property to sell was only last month and it sold for £100,000 and was a similar styled property with the same number of bedrooms, we would agree and say yes your property is worth £100,000. If you had said your property is worth £120,000 and the last one to sell was £100,000 we would need to examine why there could be difference and see if we can get the valuation to match. If not, we like to be realistic and explain thoroughly what our research has shown.

However, valuing a property can be a very difficult thing to do, and the best example we can give, is when you invite, say three estate agents out to value your house, you will more than likely get three different valuation figures. These figures will also be typically over inflated just so that they can get your business, but nonetheless they will likely be different to each other.

At National Property Trade, our free house valuation tool is based on current property values and we will give you some various options to sell, including our Assisted Sale product. Click here for more information on that product.

To get a free house valuation today visit our no obligation valuation form and find out exactly what you could receive within a matter of days. – Click Here

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4.90 / 5 Rating
225 Reviews
Contacted NPT in an emergency. Good offer on house, far above what any other company offered. NPT did everything they said they would in their advertising and in our case slightly more. Thanks
We received an excellent service and would without hesitation recommed National Property Trade
Our sale completed last Friday and I have to say we were very impressed with the whole service we received.