• The primary reason is the cost of funding when we buy your property quickly. We are also taking the risk that we will sell the property for less than we bought it and, of course, there are the overhead costs of running our company. Thanks to our size, experience and excellent funding sources, we are confident that we will be the best price you will get from a property buying service for your home. If you get a better genuine offer elsewhere, contact us and we will do our best to beat it.

  • We base our offer on two independent valuations and will always share our thought process, valuations and data with you. Transparency is an integral part of the NPT process and also part of our signed code of conduct as members of The Property Ombudsman.

  • Depending on the solution you choose, you can get your cash as quickly as 2-3 days after you accept our offer. Unlike other property buyers, we have access to significant and diverse funding thanks to our own investor-driven fund, which means if we tell you we will buy your property, we will always come through.

  • Yes, absolutely. We will call your mortgage provider and let them know we are buying your home, giving you enough time for our purchase to go through so you can pay your debt with the cash we provide.

  • You pay absolutely no fees or extra charges for our Guaranteed Cash Sale or our Assisted Sale, our offer is inclusive of everything. If you choose our Open Market Accelerated Sale, there will be agent fees, these are agreed with you before you choose this option.

  • Yes! No matter the condition of the property we will buy it. We have bought properties with squatters, Japanese knotweed, major structural problems and damage, and the list goes on. We know that it is difficult to keep up financially and time-wise with the demands of home ownership and will always be caring and empathetic as we discuss your property and any potential issues it may have.

  • Yes!

  • You will initially be contacted by someone on our Property Sales Team who will take your details, give you an initial desktop valuation, arrange for the independent valuations and explain the process to you. Once you accept our final offer, one of our Case Managers will be assigned to you and be your single point of contact throughout the entire process, and beyond! It is not unusual for us to stay in touch with the many people we have helped.

  • Due to the cost of funding. Instead of utilising our own funds for the full purchase we keep your lending in place and pay you the difference which represents a reduced cash investment for us. The profit we can make upon sale is less than a cash purchase but because we invest less, the return on our capital is greater, so we can make an increased offer.

  • Yes! Your dedicated Case Manager will inform your lender that we are making third party payments until the property is disposed of. This agreement will be in place before we pay you any money and we would not risk any agreement without this agreement from your lender. The property is marketed immediately, we are property disposal experts so your mortgage is repaid in full in a matter of months.

  • That’s our issue to deal with, not yours. We are contractually obliged to sell the property and make payments. If the worst case happens and we cannot sell for more than the agreed price then we can rent for a short period with your permission in order to allow the market to recover. This is only a fall-back position and if after a time renting the market has not recovered then we may sell at a loss to recover the funds from the sale proceeds. Our strategy is clear, we buy the property at the right price and sell for a profit. If we don’t then we absorb this loss as part of our business model. 

  • Yes, we can, but typically it fits better for vendors with a mortgage ranging from 50% to 90% of the value of the property. The more cash we have to outlay, the lower the offer we can make you, so typically this is the range that works best.

  • Yes, we can, but it will be paid in two steps, unlike in our Guaranteed Cash Sale which is paid in one. Our first payment will be a partial upfront payment and our second will be on the completion of the sale. For example, we can offer up to 30% of the offer now and whatever balance is due, less the charges on the property will be paid upon sale completion. This is less popular but will suit customers who do not need all the money immediately, allowing them to receive more.

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