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With the constant rising energy prices, it’s not surprising that people are turning to trying anything to cut down the energy used in the home, and reduce those hefty bills. There are many ways you can help to save energy and cut costs, most of which are simple things we take for granted everyday such as leaving lights switched on or doors wide open.

A lot of energy is lost through draughts in the home; heat is lost through gaps in doors, windows or even the chimney or attic. If you’re on a budget simple draught excluders along doors and windows can help to prevent heat loss throughout the home, but if you have a larger budget there are more permanent things you can do to stop draughts. You can start by sealing skirting boards with a silicone sealant, as well as checking door and window frames. The money you spend on draught-proofing could be saved over time as you can save a fortune on heating bills.

According to ofgem, you could save up to £90 a year just by turning appliances off that are often left on standby. So start now by turning lights and appliances off at the socket. You could be saving a fortune off your bill. Other things to remember in the kitchen are washing at 30 degrees, and using a bowl to wash the dishes. Only fill the kettle to what you need, so don’t be tempted to fill it right up if you’re only having one cup!

Be more cautious over heating your home, by setting the right controls for heating to come on and off throughout the day or night. You could also invest in a room thermostat which could help you keep in control of your heating. Ensuring your home is properly insulated can also help control the heating and prevent heat loss. Ten inches of loft insulation can provide optimum results within the home, so check how much you have already if any, and look to get it topped up. You could be saving a lot of money as well as maintaining heating. Also get your cavity wall insulation checked. If you haven’t got it or it needs re-doing then don’t hesitate! Getting this done could prevent enormous heat loss and save you nearly £150 a year.

Consider changing your light bulbs from the old fashioned ones to ones such as LED’s. They can prove a little more expensive but you could be saving over £50 a year by replacing them. These are all simple and easy steps you can take to make instant changes to your home. However many people are turning to alternative ways of energy saving by investing in heat pumps, solar panels or even domestic wind turbines. These require a much larger investment but could pay for themselves within a matter of years. Depending on the quality of your windows and doors, you could also consider replacing them for energy saving ones, again reducing the risk of heat loss. Whatever you choose to do, you can start now by making basic changes and begin to see the difference straight away.

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