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Our lives are often hectic and we spend much of our time busying around with day to day jobs as well as constantly trying to keep our home clean and tidy. However each time we upgrade the home or extend, we tend to grow into the space, filling it as we go. More to clean, more to organise and more stress. For many people the idea of living a simple life is very attractive, but where on earth do we start?

It can at first seem overwhelming, and hard to part with much of our worldly goods. But it’s worth remembering that these are merely material possessions, and by decluttering your home, you can begin to make space and time for more important things that can have a real positive impact on your life.

Take your home one room at a time, and evaluate what is in the room, what is necessary and what is used regularly. You will quickly find that at least 50% of the contents of each room has been sat for a very long time completely unused. These items could be of good use to someone else, and reduce the clutter in your home. You could either look to give items away to charity of friends, or sell the items online or at boot sales and perhaps use the extra cash to pamper yourself and relax your mind.

Sorting through drawers, wardrobes and toy chests can prove extremely satisfying, as you organise these areas and feel a sense of tidiness in your own mind. Consider getting rid of one item for each new item you buy, this will prevent a build-up of clutter as well as making you think twice before purchasing something new as you are aware you will need to remove an item.

If you feel you’re struggling with throwing things out or giving things away, ask yourself whether or not you really need these items and consider when it was last used or worn and how often you have used or worn it. You may find this a useful way to help you make firm decisions as you declutter.

Whichever way you choose to begin, you can start to feel empowered and relax the mind knowing that your home is tidy, organised and clutter free. Make a goal to celebrate your achievement following your declutter process. You could look to relax at home, enjoy your clean and organised space and opt to have a soak in the bath, read a book by candlelight or you could have friends over to enjoy your new space. This method of decluttering can have real lasting effects on your mind, as you feel much more positive and organised. Many people also begin to see changes in other aspects of their life from reorganising their home, with the ability to stick to routines, relax easier, sleep better and generally feel great. Declutter your home today and enjoy a refreshing mind as well as your home.

by Cormac Henderson

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