Dealing with probate: the key professionals involved

probate image

The passing away of a loved one can be a very difficult process for all involved, and it’s hard for many people to handle. The need to deal with a last will and testament can confuse the waters even further. While the arrival of an inheritance could give some reassurance in terms of your financial future, it can also spell a period of intense bureaucratic administration. This article will point out some of the key people to work alongside when dealing with someone’s estate. 


The first person you’ll need to engage with as a result of a death is the solicitor of the deceased. A solicitor may hold some information on the contents of the dead person’s will and can identify the beneficiaries. They will also be able to help with the probate process, which means helping you to access the estate and go through all of the processes required, such as checking to see whether there may be any other legitimate beneficiaries. 

Bank manager

When it comes to managing the affairs of your late loved one on a practical level, it’s likely that you’ll need to meet with someone senior at the bank. They will most likely ask to see proof of probate, and eventually they will be able to open up access once all checks have been completed.

Estate agent

Many estates contain at least one property, so it is wise to start looking for an estate agent or other property professional now. On some occasions, beneficiaries choose to sell their property to a property buying firm in order to hurry the probate process along and remove some of the worry associated with this stressful time.

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