Best Way to Sell Your House Fast

Are you thinking about selling your house fast? Let’s discuss the best way to sell your house fast, especially in today’s testing market. So, as a potential seller, what options do you have?

Well the most common way people look to sell their house fast is to use an estate agent. This is may not really be the best option, you can find that traditional estate agents are still set in their ways and don’t look for the fast sale. Granted, they try and get the most money for your property, but speed is not something they are blessed with and sales with estate agencies can take upwards and at least three to six months.

Another sector of estate agencies are auctions. Auctions are definitely a quick way to sell your house but people presume that should they put their property through an auction they are guaranteed a sale. This is sadly not the case. You will find that properties that go to an auction, typically don’t sell and if they do actually sell you could be lumbered with fees that can become unreasonable. My advice to anyone considering using an auction would be to go along to one first and you will find that roughly 5-10% of the properties will sell, leaving a large percentage that don’t.

The next option to consider would be a fast sale estate agency. These are popping up online all over now and this is a growing market born out of a need for a quick sale, due to the lack of urgency displayed by the typical high street agent. This can be a very good option for a quick sale and not only that, you may get a lot more money for your property that using an auction, if it ever sold at one.

The final option is to use an online property buyer like ourselves. Not all online property buying companies are the same and use various methods to try and get a quick sale. We have a number of products such as typical cash sale where we would offer a set amount, depending on valuation, that would be paid directly to your nominated bank account within a matter of days. We also have another product called the Assisted Sale Product – more information can be found here.

Find out more information about the Assisted Sale by this Video by Daniel Lowerson:

All in all, the best thing to consider if you are looking for the best way to sell your house is to use the internet. The internet is full of so much information that can help yourself make the best decision for you. I have also included some industry links that you may find helpful:

The Property Ombudsman

National Association of Property Buyers

RICS – Chartered Surveyors

Wikipedia – Estate Agents

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