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Having problems selling your property and you are at a loss why? Try looking a little bit closer to home for the reason your house is not budging. In fact, the number one reason you are unable to sell your property fast could be the condition of your bathroom.



Say no to avocado

Focus on your bathroom fundamentals. Are any parts damaged? Does it all look rather tired? Is the colour off trend? An avocado coloured bathroom suite with a faulty shower head can mean a swift rejection from a potential buyer. Investing in a cheap and pristine white bathroom suite might just make that sale. Add to it a big shower head, that is new and sparkling, and you will be on the right track for a quick sale.

Scrub it spotless!

Your bathroom, en suite or cloakroom need to look like they belong in a five-star hotel or top-notch spa. They need to gleam. The mirrors must show no soap splashes or toothpaste sprays. The taps should glisten in the light. Limescale and mould need to be vanquished. Get a grouting pen and whiten the stained grout and ensure your seals are intact. It is backbreaking work making your bathroom beautiful. And do not forget the towels! Clean, fluffy and freshly laundered ready for the scrutiny of the potential buyer and possibly never to be used!

Bin the excess bottles

Even if you cannot bring yourself to bin the three shampoo bottles in the shower which have just enough for one more wash, hide them in a drawer. Keep products minimal. All the lotions and potions need to be out of sight. You are creating a visual wonder for the potential buyer. Sadly, no one loves soggy soap so ensure that you have a collection of new soaps to open with every viewing. The bathroom will look decluttered and beautiful and your potential buyer will dream of using it.

Scent the senses

Of course, this hygiene war may have forced you to open the bleach bottle and the mould remover. However, no one wants to be greeted with the strong and pungent stench of ammonia. In the space vacated by the excess bottles, perhaps light an aromatic candle to give your bathroom a sense of opulence and beauty. Or discretely hide a softly scented air freshener. The function of the bathroom may be at odds with wonderful scents but no one wants to be reminded of its real purpose.

Sell property fast!

All the above will help to convince the buyer that a total refurbishment is not needed. It helps you to keep your asking price because your bathroom is in show house condition. The buyer will feel that they can use and enjoy this room from the moment they walk in. That sells houses fast!

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