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July saw a dramatic increase in vendors looking to sell quickly. We helped lots of homeowners move on and sell their house quickly. We really do meet some fantastic people with interesting stories.

We helped Maureen from Cumbria sell her home to facilitate her move to Turkey. Maureen was literally on a plane the next day. Although she did admit she would have liked a bit more for her property, she certainly couldn’t argue with the seven day completion.

Dhafir in New Malden, Surrey sold his home quickly to NPT so he could move to Dubai. We paid £412,000 within 14 days. As it wasn’t far from our office, Cormac dropped in on the day of completion to share a glass of wine and wish him well for the future. Dhafir planned on moving to the Middle East within a few weeks of completion now he has the money in his bank.

We helped Alan in Worcester avoid repossession this month. We agreed a sale under our assisted sale and Alan received his equity payment within 21 days of contacting us. We reached an agreement with his lender and have agreed a payment plan which will be paid by NPT until the final completion. Alan was relieved to be able to move on from the pressure he was facing.

We wish Alan, Maureen, Dhafir and indeed all our vendors well wherever it is they are going or whatever the next step may be. Although we run a business buying property our office is certainly made a more colourful place by the people who cross our path. We encounter people and families in many different situations. The fascinating people we meet in the situations they are in can be astounding, uplifting or unfortunately at times upsetting.

We appreciate that not all of our vendors are in a good situations, but hopefully a sellers experience with us will in some way represent a decisive step in the right direction. And of course we want for it to it ultimately prove to be the right move for them. We wish all of you of course the very best in the future and would like to thank you for choosing NPT.

National Property Trade is rated 4.91 stars by based on 248 merchant reviews

4.91 / 5 Rating
248 Reviews
Over the moon with NPT and especially Sam. Great work from a fantastic company. We would have no hesitation recommending NPT.
Excellent service received from Danny and we have no hesitation in recommending National Property Trade
Thank you to Oliver and Daniel for being very professional throughout the sale of our property.