Sell your house for up to 90% of your property value

Our market leading assisted sale product is very popular with vendors who want to maximise the price they can achieve from the sale of their property. The structure is very clever, its designed to be hassle free, clear and straightforward.

By using the finance you already have in place on the property we can offer a higher purchase price to you. Once we verify the charges and loans on the property then we can pay you the difference within seven days. We are then responsible for your mortgage payments and all property liabilities and payments until we sell the property for you via our asset manager. During this time we may refurb the property to maximise its sale value. From your point of view you are paid a higher amount, you receive a fast cash payment and we move on with full possession and sell the property within a few months.

How can we pay more?

It’s all above return on capital. Instead of utilising our own funds for the full purchase we keep your lending in place and pay you the difference which represents a reduced cash investment for us. The profit we can make upon sale is less than a cash purchase but because we invest less the return on our capital is greater so our shareholders are very happy to allow us to make an increased offer.

Is my lender aware?

Your dedicated Case Manager will inform your lender that we are making third party payments until the property is disposed of. This agreement will be in place before we pay you any money and we would not risk any agreement without this agreement from your lender. The property is marketed immediately, we are property disposal experts so your mortgage is repaid in full in a matter of months.

Can I really receive 90% of the property value?

Yes if your property requires a significant refurbishment programme we can offer even more. This is because we can add value from the project over and above the cost of the project. This can also apply to properties where the mortgage is high or quite close to the purchase price because it means we need less capital to do the deal. Typically the average assisted sale offer is around 85% of value but it can vary so do ask your sales consultant for more information.

What happens if the property doesn’t sell?

That’s our issue to deal with, not yours. We are contractually obliged to sell the property and make payments. If the worst case happens and we cannot sell for more than the agreed price then we will sell at a loss to recover the funds from the sale proceeds. Our strategy is clear, we buy the property at the right price and sell for a profit. If we don’t then we absorb this loss as part of our business model. We cannot ask for the money back and there are no options for us to attempt to recover the money for any reason.

Can you offer this on any property?

Yes we can but typically it fits better for vendors with a mortgage ranging from 50% to 90% of the value of the property. Because we measure on return on capital the more we outlay the lower the offer so typically this is the range that suits vendors best.

I have little or no mortgage, will you still offer me more than cash?

Yes we can. We can offer you a part upfront payment with a fixed balancing payment on completion of the sale. For example we can offer up to 30% of the offer now and whatever balance is due less the charges on the property will be paid upon sale completion. This is less popular but will suit vendors who do not need all the money immediately and allows them to receive more.

Are there any fees or charges?

Not one whatsoever. There are no additional management charges for this service. The offers, like cash offers are fee free and included in the quote. No charges for RICs or legal’s.

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  • We pay 90% of the purchase price.
  • Money paid to you in seven days upon exchange of contracts.
  • We keep your mortgage in place and manage all payments.
  • We pay all related property costs until sale completion.
  • Property disposal experts so your mortgage is repaid in full in a matter of months.
  • Strictly no hidden fees or charges.
  • Hassle free, clear and straightforward.

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4.91 / 5 Rating
232 Reviews
Very happy with the service we received from NPT - thanks.
We received an excellent service using the Assisted Sale product and we would highly recommend anyone seeking a quick house sale to consider this option.
We sold our bungalow using National Property Trade and had the pleasure of dealing with Samson. Very straight forward and without hassle which is exactly what we were looking for. Being sceptical of most property buying companies online, National Property Trade happily answered any questions put to them and were very open and honest from the start. You have broughr bright light to our lives in difficult circumstances and without you guys we would be lost with you. Many many thanks.