How to Sell your House Quickly


Are you in a position of needing to sell your house quickly? Well, don’t worry you’re not the only one! Any number of reasons could require you to need a fast sale, and it’s something we come across all the time with homeowners. Luckily, there are plenty of options available to you. In fact, we have collected the best ways to sell your home fast into a helpful list for you below.


1. Seek an immediate offer today


By far the quickest way to sell your home quickly is to speak to a property buyer about receiving an immediate quote through for the value of your home. You will find that the amount offered to you is discounted off the market rate due to the nature of the fast sell, but offers can still be very appealing. In fact, you can request a quote directly from us, and could receive up to 85% of your home’s value!


Not only is this a great way to quickly sell your home, it is also incredibly simple and completely stress-free. After contacting us, one of our highly trained property specialists will put together an assessment of the value of your home and then decide on a fair offer to make. You then have complete freedom to decide whether or not to accept the offer. If you are not happy with it, then this second option may be better suited to you.


2. Use an assisted house sale


The assisted house sale, as offered by NPT, is a great way to quickly sell your home and to ensure you get a fair market price at the same time. Again, the process is straightforward and is designed to help you move up the property ladder and into your new home as quickly as possible. It all starts with us properly valuing and respecting your house and then making a fair offer of up to 100% of the market value.


Once the price has been agreed and you are ready to move, we pay you the equity in your home over and above the mortgage and loans you have remaining. We then take over all of the running costs associated with your house, such as utilities and the mortgage payments. Our expert team can then get to work selling your home as quickly as possible and, once completed, we automatically pay you your final loan and mortgage balance. This process can be completed in as little as three months.


3. Work with a fast and experienced property trading firm


This is the third and final option that NPT offer to help you sell your home quickly and get a fair market price. As a specialist property trading firm with decades of industry experience, we have a large database of motivated buyers and sellers in cities all across the UK. This means that, whether you are looking to buy a home or sell one, we have the necessary contacts to ensure plenty of immediate viewings and a speedy sales process.


If we can find the right buyer for your home right away, then this more typical route of selling your home quickly can take just a few weeks to process. We can advise you on the entire sales process and help assist you in the necessary steps to get your home ready for an immediate buyer. Find out more about us here.


4. Source a buyer yourself


Though this option isn’t possible for everyone, it is still something to consider. You can arrange to sell your home quickly without any sort of intermediary and possibly speed up the process drastically. One way to do this is to ask around your community for people who are looking to either upsize or downsize to a property like the one you own. You may be lucky and find someone who has been ready to move for a while but has been putting the process off.


If you have a home already lined up, then the sales chain could be very straightforward. This is especially true if one or more parties will be paying cash for the home without having to negotiate any new mortgage. In some cases, you may even be able to agree to buy and sell your house with just one other person. In such cases, there are no other parties in the chain, and the sales process can be completed very quickly. Though this is, of course, hard to achieve.


Useful tips for selling your house quickly


Regardless of which way you decide to sell your house quickly, you will need to show people around your home and it needs to be presented as an attractive purchase. There are a number of things you can do to help spruce up your home and make it appear as a much more lucrative offer. And here are the top ways of doing exactly that.


Sort out your kerb appeal


When someone is looking to buy a new home, they will immediately garner an opinion of it when they pull up outside. Improving your home’s “kerb appeal” is one of the most effective ways to speed up the process of selling your home. In fact, doing so can be quite easy, depending on how your home already looks.


As a minimum, you should tidy up any driveway, walkway or garden area that you have out front and back of your home. You may want to get the lawn furniture out and hose down any brickwork to make it cleaner. Some homeowners invest a small amount in some new decking or patio furniture to help demonstrate the potential of the home.


Tidy up the inside


Though this almost goes without saying, many homeowners actually fail to properly ready their home for inspection by prospective buyers. Going through and removing any clutter and deep cleaning your home properly is a must-do for ensuring a quick sale. Yes, it can be a tedious process and you may need to do it multiple times, but it will massively speed up the sales process. Not just that, it can also potentially increase the final agreed sale price.


Create a file for prospective buyers


Once a buyer looks around your home and leaves, you want to ensure that your property is still on their minds and they remember what makes it so appealing. A great way to do this is to prepare a small file that contains information highlighting the key selling points and features of your property. This could include the following:

– Professional pictures of the inside and outside of your home
– Professional pictures of the surrounding neighbourhood and any nature
– Information on transport links and local facilities (including distances)
– Information on the local community
– Any statistics about the area you think are worthwhile (e.g. safety statistics)


Choose the best time of year


If you are looking to sell your home quickly but are flexible on when you will actually begin the process, then you will want to consider this tip. Spring is generally-speaking the best time to sell for a number of reasons, such as:

– Longer daylight hours and better weather make the process of looking around homes more enjoyable
– It allows the final purchase to coincide with the start of the next academic year
– Springtime bloom makes your home more attractive to buyers

Summer and winter can present unique challenges to the buying process such as the consideration of school holidays and Christmas time. Autumn is perhaps the second best season to go for as kids are back at school and parents will look to complete a sale as quickly as possible before Christmas comes around.


Work with a trusted property agency


Our final top tip for selling your house quickly is perhaps the most important one to bear in mind. The property agency you decide to use will be integral to the final sale and will be responsible for sourcing all potential buyers. They will also get paid well for their work, so you can be picky about which one you decide to go for.


You should pick a firm that comes with plenty of trusted reviews and who can prove they are experts in the industry. You should look at past clients they have helped and whether the sort of homes they have sold match up with yours. You will get a feel for a firm quickly by the quality of your own communication with them. It is worth speaking to a number of local firms before deciding on the right one for you.


Is National Property Trade the company for you?


As a trusted property buyer that works all over the UK, we have helped numerous families, couples and individuals to sell their homes quickly. This is because we offer a very particular service that fits the needs of homeowners very nicely.


We offer free, no-hassle quotes on any property and always ensure we offer a price that is fair and reasonable based on the current market. In fact, our no-obligation quotes may surprise you so much, that it is worth getting in contact regardless of which method you’d like to use to sell your house quickly. You can get started by filling out the form on this page > Free Valuation Form

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